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Available on both the Android and iOS operating systems for mobile phones and tablets, CapturaTalk is the all-in-one assistive technology app that integrates a suite of high quality features to assist with the accessibility of text and literacy support.

With CapturaTalk it is no longer necessary to purchase five or more high quality apps, as it combines a suite of tools into one simple, innovative app. The features of CapturaTalk are useful for anyone in need of help accessing texts or literacy support, particularly those with dyslexia or visual impairment, or who are learning English as a second language.

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  • Intuitive support with reading via the text-to-speech output, so you can listen to the words which are also highlighted as they are spoken, providing a visual track to assist with comprehension.
  • Transform your visual reading experience and make web pages accessible to you by personalising user interface settings e.g. with tinted overlays and background contrast colours.
  • Maintain your focus when reading text online with the option to switch to a clutter-less (text only) webpage view.
  • No need for you to scribble down or try to remember a web address: the bookmark feature allows you to store commonly used and hard to remember websites making it easier for you to access when convenient.
  • Efficiently extract, manipulate and reference text from the web to aid your research.
  • Transform your browser into an e-reader so that you can easily view and read aloud text within your ePub eBooks with visual text highlighting.

File Manager

  • Maximise the benefits of cloud technology, such as increasing collaboration by sharing your files via Dropbox or Evernote.
  • Easily review your audio and text files, even if they’re not fully compatible with CapturaTalk.
  • Local storage means that you have the choice between saving files on your mobile device or uploading them to a cloud service.
  • The digital audio recording feature means that in lectures, meetings, etc., you can capture important information and play back your recordings as many times as you want, when you want.
  • Organisation is important: set your alarms and calendar reminders to Evernote text notes (e.g. tasks, shopping list, appointments and lesson time tables).
  • Easily access & modify your files stored in cloud services Dropbox and Evernote. Effortlessly upload your files for instant access anywhere from any device, or download for offline access.


  • No longer struggle to read printed material, such as train tickets, whiteboards, newspapers, menus and instructions. By using impressive OCR technology with the inbuilt camera, CapturaTalk can efficiently convert text from within a photograph or any printed text into a digital format. This can then be read aloud with highlighting.

Study skills

  • Working in an industry that uses specialist terminology? Use CapturaTalk to create, build or import categories of phrases that you can use when convenient.
  • Provides exciting and relevant teaching content for educators and the end user, including a course on how to use CapturaTalk.
  • Increase your productivity by creating plain text linear structured templates of commonly used documents and processes (essays, science experiments, etc).
  • Take advantage of import and export features in order to build and share your resources.
  • Designed to enhance learning outcomes and support teaching, CapturaTalk can help deliver a curriculum particularly focused on literacy via use of its ready-made examples and resources.

Communication (SMS)

  • Support with accessing your mobile communications by automatically reading aloud text messages upon arrival and enabling you to easily reply via sms, email or phone call.
  • Further support is provided to help you more easily write and communicate using the advanced type and speak feature set.

Word processing

  • Support with accessing a range of digital information in different formats, for example, open and hear text within .pdf's read aloud, easily convert text into audio.
  • Proofread your writing with text-to-speech support so you can listen to your content identifying mistakes and checking spelling more easily.
  • Enhance your notes: with the ability to insert audio, images & hyperlinks within your text offering a fantastic tool for note taking, conferences, exhibits, etc.
  • Engage readers by making your work visually attractive: add style, character and formatting to text with the rich text features.
  • Are you learning a new language? Or working with English as a second language? Use the translate feature to access instant visual and auditory translation of text.
  • The Type and Speak tab enables you to confidently create and distribute text via SMS, email and social media, and allows you to export text from other apps, such as calendar tasks.
  • No Wi-Fi connection required: CapturaTalk provides you with immediate access to definitions through its integrated dictionary, and the confusable words checker helps you to fully understand text by providing additional writing support.